Aparna V. Singh | Communication Consultant

Feb 11th


Welcome to Aparna Singh’s Communication Consulting services.

My goal is to help small businesses and mid-sized organizations get the best out of their communication budget; sometimes, even in cases where there isn’t much of a budget at all! Along with my extended network of professionals, I offer the communication expertise gleaned from working across varied projects in large firms with the flexibility and individual attention that you would get from a single person working on your team.

Today, even if you are not a large firm dealing with thousands of customers, you still need an effective communication plan and targeted implementation. Fundamental to this is the understanding of customers and how they are changing in a globalised and connected world. You can't talk 'to' customers anymore, you need to interact 'with' them. Make sure that your communication effort doesn't just become a website for the sake of having one, or a brochure because 'everyone has them'. A Communication expert can help you identify what your business really needs and how to go about it.

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